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You Already Know The Answer

Today I’d like to make you a manager.

You now have the ability to hire someone else to do your job, and if they do it well, you’ll get all of the praise and recognition. Take five minutes and craft your job posting.

To truly benefit from this exercise, I highly recommend you actually write these things down.

What would be the perfect candidate? (Remember, if they do well, you’ll make $$$.) Name three attributes you would prioritize in your hire. What would be their core responsibilities? What would be their most important task?

Now that you’ve identified your ideal candidate, pause. Look at the list.

Jot down specific activities you did today (think discrete work, like ran a training with client Y or perfected the financial model for project X) that demonstrate those ideal attributes, contribute to those core responsibilities, or served your most important task.

Tomorrow, should you change your behavior?


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