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About Confia

Monthly Commitment
Our Offering

You know that monthly hang with your friends where you get all of your work frustration out or celebrate a big work victory? That's what we offer with our subscription membership. Except unlike that session with your friend, spending time with Confia is all about you.

We'll help you turn that frustration into action and those wins into a career worth loving. On top of that, we've spent time with many others who have gone through similar experiences, so we can bring a little more perspective.

Been There, Felt That
Our Founder

Annelise understands the struggles of being a young professional in New York City, because she is one.

She has managed over 30 employees in her career and has extensive experience navigating the uncertainty and stress that can derail a happy career life. 

She won't tell you what to do to achieve your dream career, but she will help you pick a path and figure it out along the way.

An Unlikely Origin
Our Story

Early on in my career, I joined a social bookclub in the city. While we did discuss books, the monthly meetings became an oasis where young professionals could talk through their many career challenges-- difficult coworkers, salary negotiations, deadline stress, you name it. 


These eye opening conversations made me want to provide this type of space to others.


Confia was created as a stress-free zone where your concerns are heard, your struggles are resolved, and you can ask questions without feeling incompetent in front of your boss.


We take the long view with our clients by offering them a consistent space to develop and realize their career vision.


Life is more than just your career, so Confia considers other factors in your career wellness journey.


Your coach doesn't have all of the answers, but they can act as a trusted partner as you work through challenges.


Confia coaches are objective and fully focused on the success of their clients, so you never need to worry about being judged.

Susan Stripling Photography

I created Confia to be a place where people can get approachable, friendly career support. Each session is unique and tailored to the client.

If you're curious but have never had career coaching before, please reach out!

Annelise, Founder
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