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Wow Your Manager: The Update Email

As a leader, I’m constantly thinking about my team member’s performance. What is the status of their work? Is it going well? What do we need to work on? How can I help?

Your manager is probably concerned with the same questions. Instead of waiting for them to look at your metrics and tell you how you’re doing, why not tell them?

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What it feels like when you have control of how your boss perceives your work.

Key Benefits:

  • Ability to decide the message

  • Show them you are in control

  • Ask for the help/buy-in you need

The Update Email:

Choose a reasonable time interval for your work and your relationship. I like to send my boss monthly updates. This doesn’t mean I don’t talk about my work in the interim, but once a month, I summarize my work for my boss.


  • Punchline (Metrics/Progress)

  • Key Wins

  • Challenges

  • Action Items



Subject: March Progress Update


The team is ending March at 20% to annual goal, and we are on-track to hit our target this year. Details below:


Key wins:

  • We re-signed our key client, Really Cool Company, for another 2 year contract

  • Our new hire, Jean, has started client outreach and will be ready to take on negotiation next month


  • We’re struggling to onboard new clients effectively and we’re seeing a lot of clients leave the product early on

  • Our performance in Latin America is pretty weak


  • Have Cara focus on our first year clients, partnering with the sales team to ensure they are being trained properly

  • Proactively offer lower rates in Latin America, given the market factors. Would you approve a 10% discount?

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions.


Most of my employees wait for me to look at their metrics and report to them on my findings. I’m happy to do it, but I’d love for them to do it first.


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