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Handle Issues Like a Boss (Literally)

Today's management tip is short and sweet. Here's three steps to inspire confidence in those around you when things are going up in flames.

As we know, things go wrong. They go wrong in life and they go wrong in business. As a leader (or aspiring leader), people will naturally mimic your reaction. That means if you panic, they will definitely panic.

So what should you do instead?

Next time you face a moment of crisis:

1. Pause

Practice giving yourself time to process your response, instead of going with your gut reaction. Work to keep your facial expression neutral.

2. Say "Okay, we'll figure this out"

Show others that you believe things can be worked out, because they can. In the moment, things might feel bleak, but almost every issue is solvable. You don't need to have the answer yet, but you do need to show others that there is a future, and you'll work towards it together.

3. Start asking the right questions

The best way to work towards a solution is by understanding the issue. Tackle the issue head on by asking questions. Don't take an accusatory tone. Instead, think of the problem as an interesting mystery.

Start by asking five questions before you offer a single solution.


Dealing with issues is a part of management. The truth is your emotional response is just as important as your action plan.


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