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A Simple Career Resolution for 2020: Make Yourself This List

Start 2020 off right by creating, and categorizing, a list of all of your workplace complaints.

Everyone I’ve met has something negative to say about their salary, their boss, or their company.

Instead of resolving to love everything about your job or attaining the perfect career, try for a more realistic resolution this year. Make that list of complaints work for you. Here’s how.

Write down the list of your career complaints, highlighting any of the major items.

Next, put each item into one of the following categories:

1. Work to Change

Here is where the magic happens. Select a couple of items that are worth fixing in your life. Be realistic in the items you choose and get creative in your solutions.

Imagine yourself at the end of 2020 feeling really good about these items. What does that look like? How can you get there?

2. Create some Distance

Sure, you might not be able to fix your mean-spirited co-worker, but you can actively work to create distance between yourself and the problem. Some call this avoidance, but I call it effective.

It is a myth that righteous people are martyrs to avoidable misery. Don’t give these types of problems headspace in 2020.

3. Continue to Complain

There is a lot of advice to just accept things that we cannot change, but I believe you can keep complaining about some items (just don’t go overboard!).

Sometimes the ability to speak honestly about things that drive us crazy, and have someone really listen to us, is critical to our emotional wellbeing. So this year, you can put things in the “continue to complain” category.

Just make sure you do it outside of the office with someone uninvolved, so it doesn’t turn into gossip.


Being dissatisfied isn’t always a character flaw. It often means that you care and you’ve picked your head up enough to notice your environment.

So start this year off right by using your dissatisfaction to your advantage.

Need someone to help you make those changes or listen to your complaints? Book a session with Confia today.


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