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6 Lies About Management

Management is such a cushy job, right? Not so much.

1. You work less as you get more senior

Unless you’re an investment banking analyst, this is probably not true. Seniority might buy you more flexibility in how and where you work, but most leaders are expected to be available at all hours.

2. You’re the top performer at the job you manage

Having first hand experience can be helpful in getting your team to trust you and understanding the demands of the role. However, the top engineer at your company probably has a very different skill-set than your top executive. This is for the best.

3. You know all of the answers

On my first day as a manager, I woke up and...knew about the same amount as I did the day before. Your manager probably does have valuable experience that helps them in their role, but they probably also have a lot of doubts they need to work through.

4. You’re in love with all of the company’s policies

Your manager also works for someone. Most managers didn’t experience success by being mindless sheep, so suffice it to say that they might also disagree with the company direction.

5. You only care about butts in seats

If you’re getting this vibe from your manager, it’s probably because they care about performance (or in your cynical view, looking like they care about performance). Ensuring high performance from your staff is a challenge.

Many managers are not sure how to track it or enforce it, so they resort to pushing people to show up. After all, showing up is more than half the battle.

6. Setting goals involves witchcraft and π

Many roles include goals or performance objectives that directly tie to compensation. People consistently want assurance that these goals are perfectly formulated to ensure maximum success, but the reality is that goal setting isn’t a straightforward math equation. Leaders try to identify goals that are: motivating, attainable, fair, and deliver on higher company objectives.

If someone has the formula for this, please email me at Until then, I’m going to continue to do my (imperfect) best.

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