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4 Rules of Communication for Business

1. Think of Your Audience

Communication isn’t about you. It’s about the receiver. What do they care about? Make sure your message resonates or it is sure to be forgotten.

2. Start with the Highlights

If this is a status update, spell out the key takeaway before diving into the analysis. If this is a decision call, clearly tell the group what you want the outcome to be. Don’t leave the important items for the end.

3. Create Structure

It doesn’t matter the format, longer communications require structure. It could be an agenda for a call or using bullets/headers in emails. You want your information to be digestible and easy to follow.

4. Be Authentic

You’re not a robot, and that’s okay. Keeping professionalism in mind, bring your own voice to all of your interactions. People can tell when you’re faking and they don’t like it.

Everyone's Least Favorite Colleague

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