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The Top 3 Things to Convey in an Interview

You can spend hours online reading interview advice, but there are three things I recommend you convey in your interview:

  1. You want to work for this specific company

  2. You have experience doing exactly what they are hiring for

  3. You are engaging

Learn how to convey all three in the details below!


You want to work for this specific company:

There are probably lots of people who can do what you can do. The company wants to find alignment. Your goal should be to convey why their specific company caught your eye. You can show this by creating a compelling story that connects you to them.

Tip: Spend time researching the company. Look at their website, read articles about them, and watch a demo of their product or an interview with their CEO.

You have experience doing exactly what they are hiring for:

You don’t have to have the title they are after, but hiring managers want to understand your relevant experience. Don’t make them connect the dots or just trust you’ll figure it out. Ensure all of your communication clearly shows how you’ve already achieved at what they need.

Tip: Look at the bullet points of the job description and make sure your resume and cover letter reflect the same language. When they ask you about your experience, highlight the relevant pieces. Skip the rest until needed.

You are engaging:

Part of the interview experience is assessing that you are engaged in the opportunity and will take the same approach with the work. People who are engaged come off as smarter, more interesting, and more competent. These are great qualities in a candidate.

Tip: There are a million ways to convey this: show up on time, look them in the eye, ask insightful questions, relate your answers back to prior questions, send follow up thank you emails.


Interviewing can be stressful, and preparation is critical. Your goal is to make it easy for them to pick you, by showing your relevance, highlighting your track record of success at the job, and being engaged in the conversation.

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